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There are 23 total ads as of 06:15:56 AM EST Sunday, December 21st ,2014.
Average Goat Asking Prices for the last 30 days:
Breeding Bucks (14)$650.00
Commercial Bucks(1)$400.00
Fullblood Does(3)$7650.00
Percentage Does()$
Commercial Does(1)$275.00
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Total value of goats listed: $32,725
Shows/Sales/Seminars and Meetings and Field Days and Judging Schools and...
Barter/Trade (0)
Short on cash? Try a little goat trading instead

Breeding Services (0)
Stud services, both live cover and on the rocks

Bucks - Commercial (1) 12/16/14
Just right for your meat goat operation

Bucks - Registered (14) 12/20/14
Find your foundation buck

Does - Fullblood Registered (3) 12/14/14
Breed your own Open Show Winners

Does - Percentage Registered (0)
Are you ready to Breed UP?

Does - Unregistered (1) 11/21/14
Where the meat goat factories are found

Dogs (2) 11/28/14
Herding dogs, track dogs, LGDs?

Equipment (0)
Fitting stands, fencing supplies, and more

Fitting/Grooming (0)
Professionals do it better

Guard Animals (0)
Llamas, Dogs, Donkeys, etc.

Hauling (0)
When you can't get there yourself

Hay/Feed/Supplements (0)
Alfalfa, pellets, grain, tubs, etc.

Help Wanted/Job Needed (0)
Extra hands are a good thing

Misc. - Don't fit elsewhere (0)
Calendars & Goat coats & Stuffed goats & Earrings & Embroidery &...

Real Estate (1) 11/29/14
Find the goat farm you have always wanted!

Services (0)
Software, Hoof trimming, Forms, Transportation, etc.

Trailers (1) 12/16/14
Hauling goats in your back seat is for the birds.

Trucks (0)
Thinking of trading in Ole Not So Reliable?

Wanted (0)
Let everyone know what you need right here

Wethers (0)
Jackpots, County Shows - Get your show prospect here

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